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Ah, vacations. Is there anything better that the embrace of a warm tropical breeze as you stroll along a forgotten beach with the crystal blue water lapping at your feet to make your stress seem worlds away? For me the answer is no. Maybe that isn’t the vacation that everyone dreams about, but regardless of your ideal destination, a vacation can bring you back to zero on the stress-o-meter.

But alas, great news. You don’t have to brave today’s air travel jungle to get the stress relieving benefits of a vacation. An article in Men’s Health Magazine tells you how to get stress relief from your vacation even after your tan has faded.

These tips along with regular acupuncture treatments can help you manage your daily stress so you can focus on your health and the things that are truly important in life. Stress has been shown to be a contributing factor for most of the chronic conditions that affect Americans today and acupuncture is a time tested way to help manage your stress. Call us at Jacksonville Acupuncture Clinic to set up your no-cost consultation and let your stress melt away!

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